Course Offer

Courses taught in English


  • Advances in Building Constructions (ICAR/10)
  • Advances in Computational Mechanics (ICAR/08)
  • Bridge Constructions (ICAR/09)
  • Industrial Buildings' Sustainability (ICAR/10)
  • Plasticity and Stability of Structures (ICAR/08)
  • Steel Constructions (ICAR/09)
  • Steel Making for Construction Engineering (ING-IND/21)
  • Territorial Engineering (ICAR/20)
  • Advanced Digital Control Systems for Electrical Energy Conversion (ING-INF/01)
  • Computer Graphics (ING-INF/05)
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning (ING-INF/05)
  • Design of Electric Machines for Modern Drives (ING-IND/32)
  • Electrical and Electronic Measurements/Electronic Instrumentation and Sensors (ING-INF/07)

The Master's program in Industrial Engineering for Sustainable Manufacturing is delivered entirely in English.

The course includes two curricula, one entirely taught in English (Management Engineering curriculum) and the other one mainly in Italian with some courses in English (Ingegneria Gestionale curriculum).

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (ING-IND/16)
  • Advanced Scheduling Systems (ING-INF/05)
  • Applied Statistics (SECS-S/01)
  • Business Strategy (ING-IND/35)
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning (ING-INF/05)
  • Database systems/Advanced Scheduling Systems (ING-INF/05)
  • Energy Management (ING-IND/10)
  • Finance and Control (ING-IND/35)
  • Green Machine Design (ING-IND/14)
  • Industrial eco-efficiency (ING-IND/17)
  • Innovation Management (ING-IND/35)
  • Marketing and Product Development (ING-IND/35)
  • Models and Methods for Decision-making (MAT/09)
  • Service Management (ING-IND/35)
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management/Lean Project Management (ING-IND/35)
  • Additive Manufacturing and Digital Process Innovation (ING-IND/16)
  • Aerodynamics (ING-IND/06)
  • Exergy Analysis (ING-IND/10)

Teaching programs