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Scheduling and Timetabling research group (SaTT)

The Scheduling and Timetabling research group in Udine is working on the solution of scheduling problems using both local search techniques and their hybridization with other paradigms (e.g. constraint programming). The researchers involved in the group have developed both academic prototypes and production systems for the solution of practical scheduling problems, such as workforce scheduling, shift design, timetabling, and sport scheduling. In addition, the group has been active in the system-modeling side, in the development of languages and tools for specifiying problems and applications.

Responsabile scientifico/coordinatore: Prof. ANDREA SCHAERF Vedi profilo

CESCHIA SARA Vedi profilo
DI GASPERO LUCA Vedi profilo
Altro personale: Roberto M. Rosati (phd student)

Settori ERC del gruppo:
PE6_12 - Scientific computing, simulation and modelling tools
PE1_19 - Control theory and optimization